Types and characteristics of glass bottle packing machines

Glass bottle packing machine is also called tape sealing carton sealing. It is economical, fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing actions at one time. It can also use printing tape to improve the product image. It is the first choice for automatic packaging enterprises. It is suitable for the sealing and packaging of cartons. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with an assembly line.

According to different categories, glass bottle packing machines can be divided into three categories:

(1) According to the degree of automation of the machine, it can be divided into automatic box sealing machine and semi-automatic box sealing machine;

(2) According to the purpose of the machine, it can be divided into automatic carton sealing machine, packing and sealing machine, automatic folding and sealing machine, etc.;

(3) Other classifications: stainless steel intelligent box sealing machine, pneumatic box sealing machine, corner side box sealing machine, side box sealing machine, tape box sealing machine, etc.

The main features of glass bottle packing machine are:

(1) The structure of the glass bottle packing machine uses a screw and a chain to adjust the two widths and narrows synchronously.

(2) The imported glass bottle packing machine is equipped with a new patented tape applicator, which does not need a blower to straighten the tape, and uses a patented tablet pressing device to make the tape stand upright without bending down and causing it to stick. It is convenient for sealing and packaging.

(3) The wide belt design has better grip. The ring buckle connection design will not cause degumming and fracture. It is very easy to replace the belt of the glass bottle packing machine, which is convenient and fast.

(4) The manufacturer of the sealing tape independently innovates the large-scale drive wheel design, increases the bending arc, increases the contact area of the belt, the belt will not slip, and the service life is increased. The technology of the glass bottle packing machine is very mature. The main transmission mechanism of the professional glass bottle packing machine uses a special bearing seat with high precision and low noise, which increases the service life of the belt.

(5) The length of the tape corners at both ends of the carton can be adjusted.

(6) The glass bottle packing machine factory has designed a series of alarms without tape, and an automatic shutdown device when the door is opened to ensure the safety of maintenance.

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