The client company ordered the heat shrink packaging machine assembly line again

Zhangjiagang DMRAY INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., over the years, the quality and service have been consistent and have been persisted. Because we believe that someone who knows the goods will understand the goods in the end. Most of the machinery factories rely on customers to return orders. I was surprised to receive an order from Mr. Li again. I remember that I was a little dissatisfied with the height of the film on the packaging because the heat shrink packaging machine was sent to the site. I did not expect to purchase DMRAY machinery equipment for the second time.

The acquaintance with Mr. Li from Jiaxing came from the Internet. He searched for shrinking machines on Baidu and found DMRAY machinery. Said it couldn’t be that big. Finally found us. When I told him we could do this, he was kind of ecstatic. I came to our company to see it once, and signed the contract soon.

The goods were shipped 45 days after the signing of the contract, and I also came to test the machine at that time, and I was very satisfied. After all, it was the first cooperation with them, they are a foreign-funded enterprise, and they have very strict quality requirements. In terms of electrical aspects, we all used relatively high configurations. When the goods were delivered to the site, they said that the film on the machine was too high. I told him that the plan was like this at that time, and now it would be a big project to change it. In the later use process, I also called several times to say that the heat shrinkable packaging machine was faulty. After receiving the call, I communicated with the phone first, and then drove to repair it if it couldn’t work. This year, the customer company installed a new line and ordered another one. Packaging machine, as long as the quality and service are good, good goods will eventually have someone who knows the goods!

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