Sealing line case for the semiconductor industry

I often hear the CEOs who are doing semiconductor industry around me: when the order is long, the package is too busy. When we have a lot of orders, the packers are too busy. When orders are low, packaging lines sit idle. It’s a problem if you call temps all the time.

Is there no way to save money and save people?

Some companies like this will encounter problems like this. But this semiconductor company is doing this, he chose DMRAY’s fully automated sealing line, which consists of an automatic carton erector, an automatic folding box machine, a fully automatic folding and sealing machine and an automatic baler. So unmanned sealing and packaging can be realized in the whole process.

A. Industry Status 

Industry pain point
Need to arrange manual unpacking and packing, high labor costsUnmanned whole unpacking and sealing lines
Orders in the semiconductor industry are long, and people are often idleBoot on demand, only need to arrange 2 to 3 employees
Strong labor forceReduce employee labor losses
Different packaging effects, poor brand imageShrink flat, efficient unpacking, beautiful sealing, high brand image

B. Use advantage

  1. Automation The whole process is automatically opened and folded, and the height of the sealing is automatically adjusted according to the carton. No manual operation is required, and the whole process of the packaging process is unmanned.
  2. High efficiency No manual operation, on-demand boot, meet the daily order packaging and sealing requirements, reduce the risk of product packaging failure, and save costs for the enterprise.
  3. Reduce labor intensity
  4. Saving business costs:Human resources cost, material production cost and workshop management costs.

C. Package effects

D. Semiconductor packaging application site

Our company’s fully automated sealing line has been successfully used in many companies. If you need to customize, please contact us. We will provide you with one-on-one service, free sample proofing and visit to the factory. Let you set your mind, buy it comfortably, and use it with peace of mind.