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E-commerce full closed packaging machine

The automatic side sealing and shrinking packaging machine is a medium-speed sealing, cutting and wrapping machine. The wholemachine is equipped with a PLC program system.

Max Speed: 20-50 pieces/minute

It uses photoelectricity to automatically detect the product, automatically adjusts the length of the item, and automatically seals, cuts and shrinks the product. The detection switch controls the motor to automatically rewind the waste film. In order to realize the characteristics of unmanned automatic coating, the machine has high working efficiency. For small-sized products, it can reach 20-50 pieces per minute, and it is suitable for packaging products of various sizes. It is widely used in cosmetics, aluminum profiles, food, printing, e-commerce, electronics, shoes and clothing, and other mass production industries.

Main Advantages:

  • The sealing is firm. The constant temperature knife is developed according to the characteristics of the film, which is resistant to high temperature and does not stick to the film, and the sealing is firm;
  • Intelligent induction packaging adopts photoelectric automatic induction to check the packaged items and complete the packaging easily;
  • Convenient adjustment When the size of the package is changed, the adjustment handle can be adjusted manually;
  • Save labor The packaging of goods is completed by machines instead of labor;
  • Automatic coil material equipped with induction motor, automatic coil material;
  • Safer The machine is equipped with safety protection measures, and the operation is more assured.
Packing SizeW+H<380, L+H<450 H<180, L≥100mmW ≤ 400 × H ≤ 250mm, W+H ≤ 480mm
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size450*555mmL1500×W500×H300mm
Max Temperature240°C200°C
Electrica220V 50-60HZ 1 Phase220V/380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
Max Current6.5A25A
Air Compressing0.6-0.85MPa/
Table Height850+30mm850+30mm
Machine DimensionL1785*W1420*H1340 mmL1850×W1095× H1325 mm
Machine Weight 650kg 650kg

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