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Bubble film packing machine

Packaging equipment to adapt to the size of packaging goods: The hot sealing and cutting part adopts the latest toothed knife and edge pressing technology, which does not break the surface film, the bag edge sealing is firm and beautiful, and the cutting knife rack is sharp.

Max Speed: 8-12bags/min

Packing Size: L450xW350xH320 (mm)

  • Both sides of the seal and the horizontal seal part of the package firmly, there is no opening, cutting irregular phenomenon.
  • Equipped with fast refueling welding device to achieve seamless refueling.
  • Automatic waste collection, non-stop waste cleaning, equipped with two plastic frames to meet the size of the waste collection.
  • There is no such thing as a bag not being cut.
  • Automatic or manual scanning equipment can adapt to the following specifications of commodity scanning: multiple barcode scanning, identification of only one barcode of the commodity.
  • Scanner (reader) support a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code scan, add sensors and software control.
  • Label firmly, do not appear the phenomenon of unstable label sticking.
  • Label specification: maximum 100*180mm. Labeling is associated with the packaging part.
  • If the labeling action is not completed, the system will stop and carry out the next circular action.
  • The labeling must be completely consistent with the scanning information.
  • The large volume label is provided with external connection or mounting device.
  • The independent industrial computer system shall be configured, and the printing instruction system shall be connected with the database software of Party A to obtain data transmission read by manual scanning.
Rated Power3PH 380V/50HZ
Air pressure≥0.5Mpa
MeasurementL5800xW1000xH1980 (mm)
Max. Packing sizeL450xW350xH320 (mm)
Output Block/minute8-12bags/min
Max. Sealing length600 (mm)
Power consummation1.8KW/25KW

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