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Auto bag inserter

The automatic bag inserter XY-TD50 can automatically complete the carton input, positioning, film output, back cover, box entry, film cutting, sides folding, and carton output. Applicable to food, solid oil, oil, condiments, biscuits, snack foods, bulk food, raw materials, beverages, plastic and other carton bagging.

Max Speed: 5-8 boxes/min

Packing Size: Subject to the actual carton

  • High Applicability: it can be combined with the carton erectors and different packaging equipments, and is suitable for various packaging methods.
  • Bagging accurately: the way of entering the carton can be divided into the upper part, the bottom part.
  • Simple operation: stable performance and easy adjustment.
  • Better protect the products in cartons: the advantage of the bag inserting is that it can protect the product, avoid product moisture, wetting and other factors affecting product quality.
Bagging speed5-8 boxes/min
Package dimensionsSubject to actual carton size
Use voltage6KW; 380v 60HZ
Air pressure/consumption0.6-0.8Mpa
Mechanical DimensionsL2200*W1800*H1950
Table height600mm
Machine weight800KG

Roller cutter:

The roller cutter is controlled by a rodless cylinder, which saves space and realizes the reciprocating motion of the roller cutter. When sealing and cutting, the seal does not crack, coke, smoke, zero pollution. The bagging is firm, flat and beautiful.

Multi-servo control:

The machine adopts multi-servo control, through the film mechanism, the bag is automatically opened and put into the box, with fast speed, accurate sealing and cutting, and stable bagging.

Simple operation panel:

Automatic induction electric eye:

Open bag integrated device:

The bag-opening integrated device is composed of the bag-opening device and the bagging machine.

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