Have you experienced such an after-sales problem?

When the product is sealed, the sealing is broken? Packaging effect is not ideal? When the machine encounters a downtime situation, can the supplier’s customer service help you solve it every time? Also, when you call the after-sales, will you often encounter unanswered situations?

All of the above problems arise because we didn’t choose the right machine supplier, so the corresponding after-sales service is not doing well.

For those who have purchased large machines such as sealing and shrinking machines, they are more concerned about after-sales. Then the question comes, if you buy a sealing and shrinking machine from DMRAY and use it for two years, can you continue to enjoy after-sales service in this case?

The answer is yes.

After-sales scene

There is a company, a printing factory in Shenzhen purchased a sealing and shrinking machine, which has been used for two years. During the period, He called to inquire about the after-sales service. After we understood this situation, we immediately carried out machine maintenance work. In this after-sales work, DMRAY after-sales service solved the problem of broken film and broken mouth in the process of customer use, and routinely checked and adjusted the sealing and shrinking machine.

Packaging effect after sale

There is no doubt that after-sales is a link between customers and brands. DMRAY insists on providing high-quality, all-around after-sales service for every enterprise, and escorts the normal use of equipment.