Crawfish farmers can pack 5,000 pieces in one hour

It is the annual lobster season, whether it is e-commerce cooked crayfish or market live lobster, they are very popular! This farmer of Qianjiang has a few thousand kilograms of cooked shrimps to be taken out of the warehouse every day, and the factory workers are too busy to come! However, in order to make the crayfish get out of the warehouse faster, the business owner chose the DMRAY’s packaging machines: automatic high-speed edge sealing and shrinking machine, automatic high-speed carton erector and vertical carton forming machine to help upgrade the product and improve the packaging efficiency.

A. Industry Status

Industry pain pointSolution
Multi-person out of the box, high labor costsUnpacking line requires only one person to operate
Crayfish box needs manual coating, and the coating speed is slowThe speed of the automatic high-speed edge seal shrink packaging machine is 60 packs / min
Different packaging effects, poor brand imageShrinking flat and beautiful, efficient out of the box, high brand image

B. Use advantage

  1. Automation The unpacking machine has a fast opening speed, and the horizontal high-speed box-opening machine can reach 30 boxes/min. The automatic high-speed edge sealing shrink packaging machine can seal and shrink the boxed crayfish, the speed is 60 packs/min, and the whole packaging line is one hour. 10,000 boxes of crayfish envelope can be completed, and the whole process of packaging is unmanned.
  2. High efficiency No manual operation, the daily production capacity can reach 80,000 boxes. Reduce the risk of product packaging failure and give more safety to cooked crayfish.
  3. Labor saving Only 1-3 employees need to be arranged for each line to connect and release products, reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.
  4. Saving business costs: Human resources cost, material production cost, workshop management costs.

C. Semiconductor Packaging Application Site

Our company’s fully automated high-speed unpacking line and sealing and shrinking machine have been successfully used in many companies, such as Wang Wang Food, Qianjiang Crayfish Food, E-commerce Dove Chocolate, etc. If you need to customize, please contact us. We can provide you one-on-one service, free test sample proofing and visit the factory.